Behind the scenes: Product development at CUORE

Behind the scenes: Product development at CUORE

Even though many of us have a wardrobe full of clothes, everyone has a personal favorite jersey - either because it is a visual highlight, offers the greatest comfort or has a very personal memory associated with it.

Sportswear in particular is subject to a wide variety of demands and the products have to "work" on many different levels. Be it the material for different purposes, a cutting technique adapted to the respective discipline for even more performance with the greatest possible comfort, technical details such as zippers or reflectors and, of course, the design that motivates us to perform even better through its emotional value.

But the big question is: how is the perfect combination of all these details created? We take a look behind the scenes with Dieter Rueegg, head of our product development department.

One thing is immediately apparent when he starts talking: In addition to a profound understanding of performance products, it is above all the passion he puts into their development - and it becomes clear how complex such a process is.

What is needed for sportswear to function in its intended position and offer the greatest possible comfort? What differences are there in a road cycling jersey compared to lifestyle clothing when more extreme inclinations, stretches and curvatures have to be taken into account?

It is therefore surprising that the development of each product begins with a rather dry analysis - and lots of questions: What does our current line-up of products look like? What are the customer's needs and wishes and where is the market moving? The great art here is to determine the interface between these aspects right from the start - because even the most beautiful and convenient product has to convince customers and fit in with us as a brand.

In addition to a line list with the products to be developed, the result is also a go-to-market process that is created in close coordination with the marketing team.



The actual work of the product designers then begins - and the design process based on the previously developed details and backgrounds. However, anyone thinking of colors and patterns is wrong: in this step, specifications are discussed, materials are selected, details are further developed and dimension tables are created. All of this is done digitally and entirely in the imagination of the product team. 

Only then do we move on to prototyping, creating initial samples with original materials and developing patterns based on the measurement charts. Because the exciting question is: how do the products look in their three-dimensionality and on a human body? At this point, we go backwards several times, adapting dimensions, materials and designs until the product meets our uncompromising CUORE quality standards. It is not unusual for up to ten prototypes to be developed before the final style is ready and can withstand the material test on site in production and a field test by athletes at World Cup level. Our CUORE custom options are also taken into account - i.e. the various options that a customer has for individualization, such as tailoring or back pockets on jerseys.



As soon as a sample size has been finalized, the last step is grading - and the development of smaller and larger sizes. At CUORE, the range here is between 3XS and 5XL.

With CUORE's focus on the production of individual sportswear, everything is now ready for the actual design with colors, shapes, patterns and gradients. Because this also has to match the cut of the jerseys or shorts and the materials used - which are the highest quality fabrics selected for the absorption of color at high temperatures in sublimation printing.

All this attention to detail in product development means that we can live up to our quality standards and functional promise. The result is the perfect harmony of product and design for all our customers and their needs.