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Cage Fight

Function emphasizes form

Titanium, carbon, lightweight, wireless gears and dropper seatposts, power meters, brakes that stop with pinpoint accuracy - today's bicycles are technical marvels. But no matter if high-end or lo-fi, one part is usually neglected in most builds: the hydration system.

There when you need it, gone when you don't

There is a very simple reason why you don't see bottle cages on bikes in catalogs: they draw all eyes away from the aesthetics of the bike. FIDLOCK TWIST puts an end to this decades-long dilemma, because without bottles the only 15-millimeter thin base is barely visible.

Not only does this look good, but above all it no longer gets in the way when frame bags, bike rags and locks are attached, or the bike is shouldered - Cyclocross sends its regards.

Grab the bottle

FIDLOCK TWIST makes all this possible through the intelligent combination of the advantages of two tried-and-tested fastening concepts – those of a magnetic and a mechanical fastener, or in short: the Fidlock Principle. The German-based company has thus made an even greater impact in the world of closure systems across all industries including what zippers and Velcro fasteners once did in the clothing and shoe industry.

Intuitive Handling

TWIST modules can be removed with one simple “TWIST” to the side, which makes it ideal for tight bike frames where a normal bottle cage would not fit. All modules are compatible with the base and offer countless possibilities. Try it yourself with Fidlock's interactive application.

Better Performance

For their latest FIDLOCK TWIST campaign, the German-based company relied on CUORE cycling apparel and in return gave us the opportunity to test their hydration system extensively on road and trails. Where normally with cobblestone and downhill drops any bottles would have been shot out like missiles from a launch pad, the FIDLOCK bottle has not moved a millimeter. Just like clipless pedals, the FIDLOCK TWIST system locks on and doesn’t release until you TWIST the bottle in the correct direction.

”You wouldn't run toe cages on your high-end bike, why use the same technology for your bottle?”



In addition to the rider's outfits for their current campaign, the FIDLOCK team has also treated themselves with a custom road kit for the 2019 Tour de Friends edition, a stage ride from Bavaria across the Alps to Italy. If you want to create your own custom kit you can get in touch with us directly here:

All images courtesy of FIDLOCK Bike

Photographer: Björn Reschabek