CUORE of Switzerland | Pioneer Utility Bib Short

Pioneer Utility Bib Short

Ready for anything

The new Pioneer Utility Bib Short is here to increase your carrying capacity and elevate your style in one piece. Slide on a pair of these bib shorts and pull on your favorite shirt, because you won’t be needing jersey pockets when heading out for adventure in CUORE’s latest offering.

We have fused the functionality of traditional military cargo pants and the comfort of our most refined bib shorts, shaking them into an absolute adventure ready cocktail. Starting right at the center, the custom version of our Pioneer Utility Bib Short can be tailored with an option of our MB2 or MS2 level of chamois, both designed and manufactured by CUORE.


The fully breathable bib straps takes root from our Silver line of bib shorts and offers room on the back panel to customize your design. The legs of the shorts are constructed with our most advanced bib short as the foundation. The compression fabric and welded seams mean that CUORE can utilize a silicon free leg gripper for a completely unrestricted finish that can be tailored to the length that fits you best.

The composition of the most relevant and refined features of our industry leading bib shorts plus four intuitively placed pockets mean that the Pioneer Utility Bib Short could well become your most coveted cycling item.

Sewn subtly into each leg are our contemporary utility pockets. Both sides have ample space for your nutritional or mechanical essentials and are shaped to ensure your items will stay put.

The left thigh uses durable nylon mesh to aid breathability and visibility while the right thigh uses fully printable lycra to continue the design you have created in collaboration with CUORE.

For items you prefer extra secure, there are two more pockets placed just below the bib brace on your lower back, further eliminating the need for jersey pockets. These are constructed with the same durable nylon mesh as the left thigh with a huge amount of stretch, allowing these bib shorts to hold a variety of items without compromising comfort.

Interested to whirlwind over gravel, road and trails in your individually designed custom version of our Utility Bib Short? Then don't hesitate to contact us.