CUORE of Switzerland | Fit Guide

At Cuore we have a wide range of fit, materials, stretch and other technologies to provide you with the best range of products for your specific needs and activities.
The Fit Guide will help give you insight to how our different products fit related to their categories and build. Since there are so many variables related to sizing and fit we want to ensure you can understand all the features related how the product will feel and perform. Each category is custom designed from all aspects of the construction, pattern, and materials to enhance your experience while wearing this precision apparel.

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By harmonizing stretch and compression you receive the finest function and experience, without feeling squeezed or any discomfort. Applied in bottoms only where support of moving leg muscles is required. 3D compression construction provides the ultimate interaction of the chamois, saddle, seams and fabrics where all are unified in optimizing function, without compromising breathability or long lasting comfort.


Performance driven by anatomic patterns, combined with different materials in select areas to optimize aerodynamics and fit. All while still allowing for comfort and freedom of movement for the duration of your endeavor.

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Allowing for a performance product with more room in the cut across key areas of the body. Functionally driven, but less concerned with speed, aero features and built for comfort whether in your activity or even the occasional coffee shop break.


For the enthusiast and widest spectrum of body types. Plenty of room across all the styles, in all the key places. For those that are seeking comfort and a more subdued look and feel without sacrificing quality of materials or performance.

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