Create a truly unique piece of art.

When it comes to design, CUORE embraces you, your vision and making it your finger print. Designs are emotion, performance, color, and technical all wrapped into one piece of art. Whether you are a team trying to standout in the peloton, have a sponsor that need recognition, a cause to broadcast or purely an expression of art, CUORE is a step above when it comes to bringing your design to life.

  • CUORE Custom: Design - Template

    Creating excellence

    Whether you have a vision you’d like to bring to life or an existing design that may require edits and updated logos, we’ll work together to complete production ready artwork.

    At CUORE, we collaborate closely with our teams - regardless of size - to develop the perfect custom kit. Our design expertise is founded on teamwork, years of experience, and, above all, attentive listening.

  • CUORE Custom: Design - Color towel

    In perfect harmony

    Custom apparel is challenging and requires detailed attention, years of experience and a high level of skill to work together. It requires a deep understanding of both product and art. Materials, ink, stretch, how a design will look on the body, all must come together to allow your design to work in perfect harmony with the product. Each step of the process will be carefully worked on by on the best designers and manufacturing team to deliver a product you will love.

  • CUORE Custom: Design - Service

    Global team work

    CUORE is a global team of designers based out of Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia and Asia, providing expertise and bringing a global influence that enhances your design at every level. Working hand in hand with our sales team and designers, you will be able to express your vision – we will bring it to the finish line! Weather you have a clear design or need help creating a masterpiece, our support and service will guide you through the nuances of bringing art to life.

Our road to excellent designs

Your unique process

Do you have a vision or even a finished visual with all assets ready? Whatever stage you are at, one of our sales partners will work with you to bring your design to life.

It all starts with a template

CUORE design and sales partners will work with you on your initial template based on your briefing and artwork. Artwork and logos should be supplied in vector format.

Time for revision

Our process allows two revisions to finalize your design. Our expertise is used to make recommendations to ensure the creation of a design that looks great on you.

One after the other

Once the main product is approved (cycling jersey, run top, etc) we will move on to creating the designs for all your other selected products.

Ready to order

After all products are signed off we finalize the design approval and you are ready to move to the next stage – approving your quantities, opening your Team Shop and ordering.

Get inspired with our references

You want to create a stylish eye-catcher among riders? There are endless options, find Inspiration in these selected design references of our teams and clubs.