Nestled in the picturesque landscapes where others choose to vacation resides the Black Forest Cycling Squad— a spirited group of cyclists hailing from the heart of southern Germany. More than just passionate riders, they are a tight-knit, welcoming community bound together by their profound affection for their homeland.

Their home base is Freiburg, nestled in the southern Black Forest—a region renowned for its exceptional quality of life in the southwest corner of Germany, with easy access to France and Switzerland. It‘s a true haven for cycling enthusiasts, with the region‘s almost Mediterranean climate turning weekly group rides into summer delights. As the evening sun casts its warm glow over the vineyards of Markgräflerland, the steep ascents of Kaiserstuhl, and the winding paths of the Black Forest, any exertion fades into the backdrop of breathtaking scenery.


Founded in 2022 with the simple ethos of enjoying cycling among friends and friends of friends, the community has flourished. Today, a dedicated team of around eight individuals manages all organizational aspects, fostering connections among their nearly 150 members through WhatsApp broadcasts and Instagram updates.

Since last year, the squad has proudly sported their distinctive white and dark grey CUORE kits, accentuated with gold and dark green stripes—a homage to the sunlit peaks and lush forests of the Black Forest. Adorning the bib shorts is a golden rendition of the third verse of the Badnerlied, the unofficial anthem celebrating the region‘s beauty and the vibrant spirit of southern Baden.


„For us, quality and reliability are paramount. Upon our inception, it was clear that we needed top-notch gear that we could personalize. CUORE stood out for its unbeatable combination of quality, service, regional focus, and affordability,“ remarks Magnus Jalner of the Black Forest Cycling Squad.

With an office conveniently located in Kirchzarten— a central hub within the described region—it was a natural fit for CUORE to unite their passion for home with the Black Forest Cycling Squad through their jerseys. The collaboration extends beyond a mere partnership, encompassing joint events like the BFCS Season Closing and indoor Zwift workouts with Stages Cycling.


For those intrigued by the region—and perhaps eager to visit the Kirchzarten office—there‘s an open invitation. Visitors are encouraged to join the squad on their weekly summer group rides or winter Zwift sessions, offering a firsthand experience of camaraderie and cycling amidst breathtaking scenery.

To whet your appetite, the Squad‘s favorite tours, available on komoot, offer a tantalizing glimpse into their world:


Photos: Yannick Meier | Stefan Hipp