CUORE Stories: Female Cycling Force


Cycling is a popular sport in Germany and the bicycle is one of the country's most popular pieces of sports equipment. The proportion of women is also steadily increasing - almost 30% of racing cyclists in Germany are now women.
At the latest since the revival of the Tour de France Femmes 2022, this development has received a further boost - and corresponding attention. In recent years, not only have many professional women's teams been established, but smaller, private communities for women are also on the rise.


It's not that women don't want to ride together with men - because the gender-specific differences in performance are smaller in cycling than in other sports. Many even appreciate the opportunity to push themselves and feel more than welcome in mixed communities.

And yet there are those who have not yet dared to join - for fear of not being able to keep up with the pace of the boys or simply prefer to ride in a girls' group. One of these communities is the Female Cycling Force from Munich, which was founded over three years ago. Many passionate female road cyclists responded to a call via social media and, in addition to the weekly group rides for all levels, there are now bike camps twice a year, for example in Mallorca. They give each other tips online - and thus take away the fear of beginners to take up road cycling. We at CUORE are proud to have made the team jersey for the girls, so they can show their team spirit in a stylish, individual outfit.

Lara Veith is part of the Female Cycling Force, she enjoyed the relaxed and easy-going atmosphere with the other girls in Munich and, after moving back to the Black Forest, now wants to inspire others in the Freiburg region to take part in group rides with girls. So in the immediate vicinity of the CUORE office in Kirchzarten.

"We have different topics than guys, it's a bit of a different vibe. We bring together women who are cycling enthusiasts in a very open and uncomplicated environment, and real friendships have already been formed" - Lara Veith, known on Instagram as bici.baci.amore

From her point of view, beginners simply need someone to pull them along and make it easy to overcome the first hurdle. This is significantly lower when you are out and about with like-minded people - in this case, young women. With her community, she wants to make this combination of sport and community accessible to other women and inspire others with her rides by women for women. For her, one thing is certain: women's cycling is much more than just coffee rides!